The cool side of business

CORPORATE CITIZEN, the brand new entrant into the glossy world of business magazines in India, is all set to create a stir with its vibrant approach of narrating business stories.

This magazine comes from the stables of Sri Balaji Society and Dr. (Col.) A. Balasubramanian is the editor-in-chief. A triple Post Graduate and rare personality known for his creative approach and making history in the field of education, Sir Bala as he is fondly known, is not only the first Indian from Armed Forces in the history of India to be conferred the Honorary Rank of Colonel after retirement but also the one who conceived the very idea of creating the first Post Graduate Management Institute in India exclusively for the Defence Personnel and their Dependents. He is a classic example of courage, commitment and has intimate relationship with the corporate world. He is a trainer, a consultant, an author of five books in management, a writer with more than 100 short stories and two novels to his credit.

We, keeping you in mind, create and deliver expertly curated pan India content that is authentic, concise, optimistic and inspiring. It is a common interest magazine covering the positive sides of successful people and the behavioral side of elites. In this age of information overload when there is arguably more news coverage than ever before, something essential risks being lost- the human side of enterprise. Corporate citizen underscores the sort of consequential, unadorned success stories.

With a circulation of 30,000 copies, the magazine has already been stirring up buzz. It highlights a growing if limited embrace of print among digital-only media properties. We have an ambition to breakout from stridency of news and a mission to inspire Next-gen readership. The Magazine addresses not only the interests of all those who would soon launch themselves into the corporate world but also those entrenched in the industry, holding portfolios at various levels as well as home makers, professionals, policy makers and senior citizens.

Owing to the Unusual Contents of Corporate Citizen, our stellar series on Dynamic Duo, Cradle of Leadership, My Campus Placement Experience and many more- have become immensely popular.

We hope you will soon come to rely on the delight of reading corporate citizen and make it one of your "must subscribe" magazine in the future too.