CAMPUS PLACEMENT: Aiming for the stars

He is a dreamer and an ambitious young man. And it’s commendable that Raunak Raj Singh achieves what he aims for. What intrigues him is the journey that leads him towards his goals. Working for one of his dream companies – MRF Tyres Ltd, is in fact, a stepping stone for him. A quick and an efficient learner, Raunak who has settled in quite well in the company, enlightens us about his journey, experience, his future goals and much more

Raunak’s enthusiasm and his urge to learn new things are quite applaudable. “Did you know that steel is one of the crucial elements used whilst manufacturing tubeless tyres?” he asked. The reason being, he was taken aback when he found this trivia during his first MRF Tyres plant visit at Arakkonam, near Chennai. “The plant visit was one of the best things that has ever happened me. The knowledge that I gained during the visit was impeccable. I wish to cherish it and make use of it to grow in this prestigious company,” said Raunak Raj Singh.

Opportunity of a lifetime

Hardly a few months old in the company and Raunak has already well-versed himself with the company’s goals, process and manufacturing. The training sessions have made ready to face the outer world. “The plant visits and classroom session have broadened my horizons. I have learnt a lot about the tyre industry. It is indeed an honor to work with MRF who is India’s leading tyre supplier,” said a proud Raunak.

Placed as an Area Sales Manager at the Asansol branch, West Bengal, Raunak is steadily growing in the company. His profile includes managing the supply, dealing with the vendors and monitoring the costs at which the vendors are selling the tyres. “MRF’s quality is top-notch. Hence the demand for our tyres is quite high,” he informed. Further adding, “Sometimes, the vendors simply stock the supplies creating a gap between the demand and supply. And later, they sell it at a higher rate when the demand becomes overwhelming. A part of my job is to track these things and maintain harmony in the demand and supply chain.”

College and life

Born in Amritsar and raised in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, Raunak always aspired to achieve greatness. One thing his parents Guraj Singh and Prakesh Kaur made sure was to inculcate good values in him. And he has grown up swearing by those virtues. “I have come quite far in my life courtesy of the virtues taught by my parents,” he informed.

Raunak finished his schooling and graduation in Jamshedpur. Growing up, he understood his affection for singing. A few singing session during his school days got him inclined towards this art. However, he did not take any formal coaching for the same. A gifted singer, Raunak won the Voice of Jharkhand award too. He loves to sing Punjabi tunes. In the coming days, he wishes to work on it and take forward his passion for singing.

For his further studies, Raunak moved to Pune. He completed his PG in Marketing from a renowned B-school. “The times I spent in the B-school were the most memorable. After my graduation, my friends and I decided to pursue our further studies from the best college and I am glad my college gave us so much to look forward to,” quipped Raunak.

“The campus placement process was grueling. But that’s what they were looking for – how we perform under pressure. I was sure of what I was looking for...”

Raunak Raj Singh with his family who always supports him through his thick and thin

Raunak Raj Singh with his college friends

His placement tale

Since the very beginning, Raunak had decided to work for a sterling company. Hence, he applied accordingly. His tryst with the first big company was Whirlpool. “I cleared all the rounds quite efficiently. They selected me for their Ranchi branch. However, things did not work out,” he said. The next company was Treebo Hotels. Unfortunately, even that did not turn the way he wanted to. “That was maybe because something great was in store for me,” he smiled.

Then came the big fish – MRF Tyres. “It was almost after two decades that MRF was visiting us. And I was determined to bag this company no matter what,” said Raunak. Although cracking the MRF Tyres’ code wasn’t easy for him. He had to undergo seven rounds. But this time, in the end, everything worked out for him.

The aptitude test, written test, group discussion and a series of personal interviews – Raunak was all game for it. “It was now or never,” he thought to himself.

Everything went according to the plan on October 17. He cleared all the rounds with ease and had created a great impression during the personal interview. Raunak thought he had surmounted all the hurdles. However, he had to undergo another round of interview at their headquarters in Chennai in November. “We were first informed that it would be a formal round of interaction with the VP-Sales. But later we got to know that it was another interview,” he said.

All through the rounds, the company was focusing on the student’s consistency and their urge to work with the company. Raunak passed the last hurdle too. “The interview again was very straight forward. They just wanted to know how keen I was to join the company. MRF is a big brand and I wouldn’t leave a single stone unturned to work with the company. In fact, I was ready to join any branch of their company.

Raunak Raj Singh with his mentor and inspiration Dr Col. A. Balasubramanian

Finally, things went in my favor and they asked to join the Asansol,” said Raunak.

The experience was overwhelming and something Raunak would remember. “What I learnt from this placement session, you ask?” “To never give up,” said a brave Raunak. Further adding, “Yes, the process was grueling. But that’s what they were looking for – how we perform under pressure. All through the journey of the placement, I was sure of what I was looking for. I was determined. It was quite nerve-wracking at times, but I kept my calm, focused on my basics and had faith in myself.”

Driven by aspirations

No doubt Raunak has just started his career but what makes him happy is the aura of the company he is working for. “I am sure that I will be staying here for long. I am ready to put in my sweat and tears to grow in this organization,” he said. He wishes to reach new heights of success which would bring closer to his dream of buying a splendid house and luxurious cars and travelling the world.

Mantras for success:

Confidence: If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. Learn to trust yourself and dazzle with confidence.

Keep dreaming: It will never harm you to dream big in life. In fact, the outcome is something always beautiful.

Live by the rules: Always abide by the virtues inculcated by your parents. You will shine forever.