Campus Placement: Swimming Straight

Ambitious, determined and happy-go-lucky, Vaishnavi Koshti is all geared up for her first innings in the corporate world

Vaishnavi Koshti is immensely strong-minded and enduring for her age. When freshers usually join the first company they get into, Vaishnavi patiently scouted all the companies and finally handpicked the organisation that would fulfil her professional dreams. Her never-give-up attitude has landed her in a top-notch corporate firm, Indus Biotech Private Limited, Pune. “For freshers, their first company is always a stepping stone that illuminates their career. Being a part of the most prestigious college, professors have always taught me to dream big. And when I finally found the company that suited my talent, I grabbed it with open arms,” says Vaishnavi

Goal oriented

Born and raised in Pune, Vaishnavi was self-sufficient since her childhood. Excelling at all the tests at school and college, she always envisioned that she would lead her life on her own terms. Her personal strength and talent that landed her the dream job is, without doubt, due to her hard work, but what gave her the nudge to conquer the world were the teachings of her parents.“I look up to my parents as they are the ones who have always supported my dreams, no matter what,” she says.

A daddy’s girl, Vaishnavi one day hopes to be as stable and successful as her father, Bhaskar. What she achieved so far is a testament of how her parents raised her.

Talking about her father’s journey she says, “Growing up, I have been watching him minutely. The way he works, the way he supports his family and more importantly the ease with which he handles his life is simply amazing. Starting his life from scratch to now where he is, my father has won several battles. And watching him succeed has taught me to handle things in life.” Her father once said, “It’s now or never. Plan each day and make sure to execute it. That’s the mantra for a happy and peaceful life.” Vaishnavi has held these teachings close to her heart and vows to live by those rules forever

Education that matters

The route to a great career lies in obtaining the right kind of education. At an early age, she decided to walk on a definite path of education and stuck to it until she bagged her dream job. Her graduation at the Amity Global Business School, Pune, gave her a clear picture for her future. Vaishnavi’s time at the Amity School was quite memorable. Taking part in various college fests and events broadened her horizons. “Apart from excelling the exams, I made sure of exposing myself to college fests which are a great learning experience. Being the team leader for Sangathan, an Amity Intercollegiate Event conducted at Amity, Noida, taught me leadership skills. Getting the Personality Enhancement award at Amity, Pune, for my consistent performance proved that everything is possible in life,” she says. “I also took part in many cultural events such as dance and fashion shows in Aiyaswamy (event) which was a great experience for me. I got to interact with a lot of people and understood the importance of teamwork,” she says.

The turning point

Getting admission into one of the best colleges in the country for her post-graduation degree was a defining moment in Vaishnavi’s life. “Although Pune is the Oxford of the East, it’s very difficult to get a college with good culture, amenities and best placements. After a lot of research, I decided to join this top-notch B-School in Pune,” she informs.

Her postgrad college life was full of opportunities which infused her life with discipline. With a rigorous 365-day schedule, great placement records, talented professors, Vaishnavi was really looking forward to pursuing her PGDM at the best B-School of the country. “I wanted to do something other than marketing, which is why I opted for International Business for specialization. I was sure that this course would give me that extra edge in the overseas market,” explains Vaishnavi.

Along the way, she gathered everlasting memories. And the friends who stuck by her are now her family. “College life is sometimes difficult. However, it becomes a piece of cake when your friends support you through thick and thin. I am forever indebted to Srushti Joshi, Kopal Jaiswal and Bhaskar Raj for always being there for me,” says a teary-eyed Vaishnavi.

“I learnt the art of swimming when I was hardly three. And since then it has become my passion. It is something that helps me retrospect and keeps me fit”

Vaishnavi with her friends

Vaishnavi with her family

Stepping stone

For her, every internship was like a footprint in the sand. Each step signified the journey she had taken. Her first internship with Deazzle Services Private Limited gave her the chance to explore several entities in the marketing field. As a marketing trainee, she was responsible for offline selling of the application.

Her summer internship at Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Mumbai was educationally enriching. “Along with my internship, I also spent my time in exploring the city of Mumbai. The topic of my internship presentation was Study of OPEC countries and analysis of crude oil price variations. It was quite challenging for me as I had to learn from scratch about the oil industry,” she says.

The D-day

The day that made her proudly smile with tears of joy finally arrived on the day of placement. Being a part of the fierce and tough competition, Vaishnavi did not lose hope. Instead of giving up, she put into use all the lessons she had learnt so far. “I did not lose hope till the time I got the company and profile of my choice. After giving interviews at several companies and getting rejected by a few, I was finally selected by the company of my choice. I was quite satisfied and also humbled. I was very keen to take on the challenge of Digital Marketing,” she says.

Talking about the events that made quite an impact on her career, she expresses, “The education that was imparted to me during my school and college days has provided me with everything. It was a great learning experience for me that helped in shaping my personality and skills. Getting a place in the current company with a decent package, with Pune as the location, was a dream come true. What more could I ask for?”

Making a splash

For her, home is where a swimming pool is. A self-taught swimmer, Vaishnavi is a total swimming fanatic. “I learnt the art of swimming when I was hardly three. And since then it has become my passion. It is something that helps me retrospect and keeps me fit,” she says. Her craze for swimming is immense. The moment she sees a water body, it urges her to take a dip, she exclaims.

Swimming has also helped her learn several values beneficial to her in many ways. It has kept her healthy, it taught her to cope with failure and to work under pressure. Taking a dip in the pool every day disciplined her and most importantly helped her evolve.

By Ekta Katti