Drive In : Beauty of the Beast

Factfile Price : Rs 9 Crore
Length : 18 ft
Height : 5 ft 10 in
Weight : 8 Tons
Engine : 6.5 Litre Diesel
Top Speed : 60 mph
0-60 mph : 15 Seconds
Seats : Maximum 7 people including the President. The two front facing rear seats are reserved for the President and another passenger and can recline individually

This Republic Day, India went gaga, not just over the presence of US President Barack Obama at the parade, but also the spectacular presidential car he arrived in. And why not - There is perhaps no vehicle in history which is more aptly named than the official security car of The President of the United States (POTUS) of America – the Beast!

Equipped to withstand nothing short of a nuclear bomb, this virtually impenetrable vehicle is a fully armored tank in its own right. When President John F Kennedy was assassinated by a sniper bullet while riding in an open top Lincoln Continental, the United States has left no stone unturned in ensuring that every subsequent Presidential vehicle is practically indestructible.

The Beast boasts of an eight-inch thick body armor plating along with five-inch thick bulletproof windows which safeguards the President from bullets, missiles and other forms of grounded or aerial attacks.

Weighing over eight tonnes, the beast has doors which are identical to doors on a Boeing- 757 aircraft. The car runs on shred and puncture resistant Kevlarreinforced tyres with steel rims underneath which ensure that the vehicle can go on even with all its tires blown out. Even the petrol tank is covered with a special type of protective foam which guarantees against any possibility of an explosion.

For Indians obsessed with the ‘Kitna deti hai?” question, the Beast is a massive disappointment, delivering a very humble 3.4km per litre average.

As President Obama arrived for a very memorable Republic Day celebration in the capital, everyone, especially kids, thronged to get a closer look at the President and his spectacular car, and who can blame them?