Star Campus Placement : A Journey To Success

Meet ADITI PRIYDARSHANI, a young, dynamic student, who recently completed her post-graduation from a prestigious B-school and is today placed with one of the leading IT firms. Aditi talks to Corporate Citizen on her first break into the corporate world

After finishing her B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, Aditi decided to pursue her post-graduation by specialising in Systems, from a leading management college. Today, she is placed in the IT division, Functional Domain Consultant-Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with Dell India Pvt Ltd.


Talking about her placement process, Aditi says the entire interview process wasn’t too tough, but quite grilling. “The company first shortlisted our CVs and chose a few of us. There was a group discussion round followed by two technical interviews and a HR round. They asked me quite a few questions from my graduation subjects, post-graduation and MBA projects. It all went smooth for me and I cracked it without much difficulty,” smiles Aditi.

“I did have a few expectations from my college where I did my PG and must say that I’m thoroughly satisfied. I really wanted to groom my overall personality, apart from just getting a good job and my college helped me achieve it. The overall exposure that I had got was immense in terms of meeting senior delegates from the industry, learning from them, interacting with industry experts and participating in classroom discussions,” she adds.

Aditi, who was also the President, Student Council at her college, had too many things to handle, yet was efficient with her work. Aditi was always bright in studies, with strong academics. Right from managing her class to organising events to delegating work, while also participating in extracurricular activities, she did it all, pretty well. Her seniors and teachers always held her in high regard. “I am so grateful to my faculty, director, and my classmates who were always there to support me and correct me. I was always treated as part of the family. I am thankful to all my seniors who helped me achieve my goal and fulfil my dream,” she says.

“Today, I have learnt to trust people and also realised that it is important to delegate and distribute work and responsibilities. Other council members have made me believe that it is important to trust others work-wise, and sharing work is a must as each one of us should take equal responsibility and ensure we all do it well,” notes Aditi.

“I figured that it was easier for me to handle work since I already had a strong foundation, thanks to my institute. Most of our faculty members had good industry experience which helped me learn from them and gain knowledge”


Aditi hails from Kurukshetra in Haryana. Her father is a veterinary surgeon and mother, a homemaker. Her siblings, her younger sister is pursuing her MBBS and brother is studying in the XI standard. Aditi’s parents have been extremely supportive of her decisions and helped her achieve her dreams.

Aditi did her schooling from Kurukshetra. She was an all-rounder during her school days, academically strong, and also participated in other school activities. “I was a good student at school and used to be my teacher’s favourite. Apart from studies, I would also regularly participate in various other activities. I was quite popular at school,” reminisces Aditi.

Talking about her post-graduation days, Aditi says that though the schedule was extremely tight, as compared with other institutes, it helped her groom her personality. “I must admit that the college schedule was quite hectic. We would have regular surprise tests, day-long lectures, no weekends in the first year and attendance was compulsory. However, it was all worth it. Today, I realise its importance. This programme has groomed me well and given me the confidence. It taught me how to be a professional,” recalls Aditi.

The institute had some of the best faculty members who helped in shaping the students’ career. “Most of our faculty members had good industry experience which helped us learn from them and gain knowledge. I would regularly stay in touch with my faculty and understand my subjects better. There was equal weightage given to both theory and practical subjects. My basics got strong.

We would also regularly meet some of the top delegates from the corporate world, during the regular seminars held at college,” she adds.

Aditi did her internship with Tata Technologies during her second year of post-graduation. “I figured that it was easier for me to handle work since I already had a strong foundation, thanks to my institute. My basics were strong and I took my studies quite seriously,” she said.

“Every student at the institute was appreciated and rewarded for their hard work and sincerity. On the basis of our Learning Hour Record (LHR), some of us also got a chance to attend the Asia HRD Congress 2015 ceremony, at Dubai, where some of the renowned and senior delegates from the corporate world were present. Fortunately, I was one of them as I had a 100-per cent LHR. It was a memorable experience and a great learning opportunity. We got a chance to network with some of the top delegates from the industry,” she added. Truly, hard work, dedication and willpower were some of the qualities that helped Aditi win.

  • Keep the focus. Be attentive in class
  • Keep yourself updated with current affairs
  • Stay fit. Exercise regularly

By Mahalakshmi Hariharan