The cool side of business

CORPORATE CITIZEN, the brand new entrant into the glossy world of business magazines in India, steps in with a new vision and a fresh perspective. Despite the jungle of print, effusing reams and reams of corporate news and features, Corporate Citizen is all set to create a stir with its vibrant approach of narrating business stories, for general readership. Most of the business magazines in India focus on a niche audience, catering to the sectional segment of professionals and entrepreneurs in the corporate world. Hence, they are tuned to be on the more serious and technical side of journalistic writing. Corporate Citizen primarily aims to inspire young readership that is waiting in the wings to fly into the cut-throat community of risers and achievers, through easily-told success stories of the young and the veterans in the Corporate world. Our mission is also to expand the network of readers to include home makers, professionals, policy makers and senior citizens, in order that inspiring stories and relevant issues are read by a majority. Every Indian today is in touch with the corporate world in some form or the other - be it the use of mobile or in some cases even getting electiricity in their houses. Hence, it is but necessary that people who are entrepreneurs and professionals should become familiar faces and stories for the common man. Corporate Citizen will also address issues that are a joyous and integral part of us - like, food, lifestyle, fashion, travel, health, book reviews and so on. Hence, the theme line of Corporate Citizen is 'The cool side of business.'

Corporate Citizen is Pan India in its contents and would be distributed in major cities across India. We are looking forward to your feedback and interaction. Do write to us at